Let there be color


If you follow any of my work you’ll know that I love black and white portraits. L-O-V-E! For this shoot with my lovely client, she wanted vibrant colors to set the mood for her session. Up went the red backdrop ( which I think I’ve used a total of one time beforehand), we grabbed a faux fur wrap, and got to work on creating a mood with color.

I absolutely adore how these turned out. The whole team that day completely nailed it that day!!

I can’t wait to share more soon! ❤️




Creative Collaboration Photoshoot

I couldn’t be more excited to share a few images from the collaboration photoshoot between myself, hair stylist/colorist Caitlin Tyczka, and makeup artist Sami Demas!


I’ve worked with both of these amazing women before on a collaboration photoshoot for Caitlin’s salon, Homegrown Hair Co. This shoot was a concept between Caitlin and myself. She wanted to play with wigs and color. I wanted to make the shoot light, ethereal, and almost like a fairytale. I work with Sami in the studio with our clients and with models, so I knew she would be the perfect person to join us with some makeup magic.

The models couldn’t of been more amazing. Maggie ( in the blue toned wig) has worked with us all in the past and is such a wonderful person, I was excited to work with her again. Bianca ( in the warm toned wig), is friends with Caitlin and in the local music scene in St. Louis. I knew her vibes and style would fit perfectly.


I can’t wait to edit more of these images! Big shoutout to Caitlin’s assistant of the day, Paige, for the behind the scenes shots :)

Scroll down for more images!



Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes!

Hello Everyone!


This is one of my favorite things to share and its been too long since I’ve shared… behind the scenes! I get to share the final product but often don’t get to share the process of the day.

When I shoot in a studio in St. Louis, I actually shoot out of my home! We have alot of fun during our shoots! Makeup, wardrobe, and resident studio cat make the photoshoot days glamorous and fun!

(Unfortunately, for this shoot I didn’t take any images of the studio cat. I’ll be sure to include her next time.)

Here are a few favorites from our video shoot this year!

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Finishing touches on styling and makeup

Finishing touches on styling and makeup

Wide shot of the studio for the video shoot

Wide shot of the studio for the video shoot

A sneak peak of the back of the camera!

A sneak peak of the back of the camera!

Photoshoot credits:

Makeup- Sami Demas

Video- Jessica Weidhaas

Model- Simon Liston

Let's Go to the Desert!

Hello Everyone,


I know, its been a long time since I shared a blog post. So many amazing things have been going on at the studio and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to ( Best way to keep up with weekly updates is on my instagram page at www.instagram.com/shannon_k_dougherty)!

Last year I went to the beach to shoot some of my favorite gowns but this year I headed to the desert. I definitely love to travel for photoshoots :)


I was lucky enough to meet the amazing Brianna and head over to Valley of Fire state park (right outside of Las Vegas) for a fashion shoot!

This girl seriously rocked her shoot and I couldn’t be more excited to work with her again!

Now, off to the next location for more fashion photoshoots!

( Team for the day: The wonderful Brianna Payne as the model and Maniele Banks on makeup)




Welcome, 2019!

It’s finally 2019! (I know, I know…I’m making this point halfway through January). It was an exciting 2018 at the studio with so many beautiful clients and models to grace my camera.

We have a fun little project we worked on in early January that I cannot wait to share with you all :)

black and white beauty

I love, love, love working with my friend Simone whenever we get the chance. She is gracious, kind, and stunning in every way possible and I’m am too lucky to call her a friend. She was kind enough to model for me for this project and I have to say I love the results.

flower beauty

This shoot had such an ease to it. I wanted to capture a ‘ Day in the Studio’ by playing with different ideas, probs, style while still holding onto the true essence of the studio brand.

Thank you to all the wonderful women I worked with that day! Let’s keep kicking ass in 2019 and beyond :)



garden portrait

90's inspiration

One thing I require of anyone that works for me is to step in front of the camera. It’s amazing how many of us haven't had our photos taken besides maybe a family portrait or a selfie with friends.


Sami, ( lead makeup artist for the studio) has sat for her portrait with me many times. I believe even the first day we officially worked together she had a mini session with me! We have done avant-garde and some more street style photoshoots. I like to have the challenge to change up a session if I’ve worked with a person multiple times. I wanted to strip down my usual style and keep it simple and clean.

jeans advert

For this session with Sami, I was really drawn to the 90’s and Calvin Klein blue jeans advertisements in particular. ( I think most of us remember those ads made popular by Kate Moss and other 90’s supermodels). It was important for me to focus less on styling and more on beautiful lighting, posing, and let Sami’s beauty really shine through.

I would say we succeeded in channeling some 90’s vibes in this session :)




Studio fun with Bri!


Recently, I got to work with Bri. She traveled in from Chicago to St. Louis to work with me in my studio!

We had some plans but mostly just had fun and we got to play dress up ! I really wanted to incorporate her style with mine. Also, give myself some new set ups in my studio to play around with.

I can’t wait to work with her again! Here are some of her sweet words:

“Working with Shannon was an absolute blessing! She is one of the most kind and creative souls I have ever met. She gave me great directions in what to do to make the photos look amazing. She was very professional and it was also very comfortable to work with her. I would recommend her to anybody. My photos came out phenomenal!”




Challenging myself in the studio


Something that is a challenge for me as a professional photographer is simplicity. For those familiar with my work, I love props and embellishments. My brand is really in that with some dark/moody twist. My goal was to feel a portrait was complete without adding and adding things to the image.

I gave myself a challenge to strip all of that away and do a simple portrait. The model is on a blank background with her hair pulled back with glamorous makeup but a more simple touch. One light is being used with some light bounce. I kept the studio set up simple as well ( in my living room).

No extra props and embellishments. No dark edits. Just a clean beauty portrait.




A glamorous day at the beach!

On my 'photoshoot bucket list', a glamorous beach shoot is definitely towards the top. I often love getting out of the studio and experience new locations outdoors. 

The shoot was held on an unseasonably hot day in late August at the Jersey Shore. I mean, talk about sweaty! The model couldn't have been better dealing with the elements ( and me asking her to try some new spots in the water/rocks/dunes). 




I often love to add put evening wear outside in the elements ( gowns, sequins, jewels). I also wanted to challenge myself with using minimal backdrops, using and manipulating natural light, and creating movement and a story with a limited area to use ( the beach was still busy when we shot). 

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do! 








Brand Ambassadors - Krista

Recently, I've been spending some time with the studio Brand Ambassadors. I had such an amazing response to ladies wanting to represent Shannon K Dougherty Photography. Originally I had planned on picking 2-3 girls, ended up with 5 ( it was tough to narrow it down).



I had the pleasure of working with Krista in late June for her photoshoot. I had never met Krista before but through her eagerness and quick reply on emails ( gotta love that), I knew she would be a wonderful fit for the program. 



She exceeded any expectations that could of been for her shoot. She was sweet, professional, and  overall having fun ( we tend to be a bunch of goofballs over here). 

I can't wait to work with her again :) Here is her super sweet testimonial from her photoshoot day:

“Getting asked to be a Brand Ambassador for Shannon is one of the most amazing and truly uplifting things I have done in a long time. I was nervous for my shoot, as I’m relatively shy and this was the first time I’d ever felt like I was doing something so important. From the moment I arrived on set my tension and nerves had disappeared. Shannon and her team really know how to make a girl feel like she fits right in. I don’t feel very confident in my body right now, which I’m sure we all feel at some point in time, but Shannon really made me feel like I was truly beautiful. Every picture I see from our shoot makes me walk around with my head held a little bit higher than the day before. Truly, Shannon is the best photographer and woman I’ve met and worked with.”



Creative Shooting

This creative shoot with a local business was everything I was hoping for and more! I was contacted by the owner of Creaky Crow recently to talk concepts for her shop. Since she does taxidermy and oddities, I was very intrigued! I love dark, mysterious, and weird things!


I spent the last few weeks planning, styling, and organizing the shoot. I don't think I even left out one detail! I was super committed and excited for this shoot :)




I incorporated alot of myself into this shoot and really let my shooting/editing style run wild with this. It's important to shoot for yourself as well as your clients. Let yourself go and have complete control with what you want.


I could not of made this happen without my amazing team of the day( you ladies are the best!):

Cassie- owner of Creaky Crow

Sami- makeup

Models- Simone, Kelsey, Carlie

my assistant- Jessica







Working on your craft!

I'm so excited to sit down and write about the past few days. I spent the last 48 hours on a high from a photo conference called Shutterfest. I went back this year as an Alumni but that didn't stop the excitement to learn, grow, and shoot something different!



This year I focused on lecture classes that would be beneficial to myself and my business. In the past I did more shooting but I made myself focus really hard on the stuff we sometimes forget about.

When I did shoot, I shot more fashion/editorial to convey a story with my images. This can be more difficult than it looks, especially with a short time frame of the classes. Also, I don't photograph men too much, so that can be a bit nerve racking for me! I feel good with the result :)





I feel empowered and success from what I got! Its driving me even harder than ever before ( I didn't even think that was possible). 



I vow to make more blog posts to keep up with everyone!!!!!





Spring is on the way

It is currently chilly in St. Louis and its March. I'm so ready for some warm air and outdoor photoshoots where myself and my client aren't clutching our coats! I have been so inspired by the upcoming season, I've been going a little crazy with the inspiration over at the studio. 


One source of inspiration is a strange one: funerals. I responded to how decorated they made the loved one and it feels like their life was so celebrated ( I haven't researched in depth about why they are decorated but visually I respond so much to that idea). 

I wanted to take this idea and give it life. I wanted to add color, light, and a hit of spring to this inspiration. 




Brr! Outdoor photoshoots in the winter

Hey everyone! Its been busy over here at Shannon K Dougherty Photography so blog posts have been....well...behind. 

I mostly have been shooting in my home studio during this winter season since it has been bitterly cold out here in St. Louis. Every time its supposed to warm up a little, we get overcast and it becomes waaaay too cold to shoot outside again.

I did recently have a few brave ladies go outside with me for some of their photoshoots. I was lucky enough to have a jacket on. They wore lace and dresses outside to get the perfect look. Sometimes you get some amazing people that will do amazing things for you to get the perfect shot! 





Staying in on a Saturday Night

Hello everyone! 

I'm very excited to share my first blog post for the website! 

Let's talk about a recent photoshoot. I've been so lucky to get to work with some great people over the past few months and feel like I could call any of them and say, "hey! I've got a new.. (light, garment, shoot idea, etc )...let's shoot!"  (and they always come through for me!) It's so awesome to build these relationships with the person you are photographing. On a recent Saturday, I planned a shoot with one of these awesome people I have in my life. I wanted to do a few glamorous portraits then move into my bathroom (that is pretty fabulous and I can't believe I haven't shot in there more often). 

The result ended up being everything I could of hoped. I was sooo excited ( like most photographers) and had to stay up late to edit a few that night. I'm literally still going through these images :). I'm excited to share them with you soon!